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Month-To-Month 1:1 Book Coaching* ($750)

No more writing classes or craft books—learn directly from a professional who is trained to show you how to apply craft to your writing

*This service can also be used to revise your book

What’s Included

What’s In the Package

Call to learn more about you, where you are with your book, & the support you need

Bi-weekly—every two (2) weeks—deadlines to keep you accountable and writing forward

In-line comments on two (2) bi-weekly submissions of up to twenty (20) pages (standard manuscript formatting) a month

Editorial summary for each submission with highlights of your strengths and what needs improvement, and a clear way forward for your writing

Up to 30 minutes of Speech-To-Text Editing per month

30-minute call after each editorial session to discuss feedback & next steps

Additional exercises where needed, to clear up certain story elements

Friendly support, keeping an eye out for books where the author has pulled off something you’re struggling with, and more

What You Gain

✅A sound first draft that requires less editing or revisions, if any at all, and reads more like a fourth or fifth draft
✅A steep learning curve that will make you a better writer with each submission
✅Increased knowledge of craft and storytelling, explained through your own writing
✅Improved skills and practical knowledge of how to write a great book
✅Increased confidence in your book with better chances of it being picked up by an agent or publisher
✅Roadmap on how to get your book publish-ready with clear steps forward
✅Clearer understanding of the publishing world and where your book would fit
✅Guidance from a certified book coach

Your Investment

Starting at $750/month

*NOTE: This page shows package Level 1. If you would like more book coaching support, you can view the rest of our package level options here.

Your readers need the book only you can write—are you ready to give it to them?

I would like accountability

…someone to keep me accountable and writing forward

I would like help

…with solving any writing, craft, plot, tense, structure, character, flow, pacing, and grammar issues as they arise

I would like to invest

…in myself and my writing, and to work with someone who is as invested in my book as I am

I would like friendly support

…as I write from someone who knows my vision and the ins and outs of my book

Still Not Sure Where To Start?
Read Our FAQ!

Get your questions answered

What is book coaching?

Working directly with a professional trained to show you how to apply craft to your writing

Working with a book coach 1-on-1 is the most efficient way to write a book because you gain clarity on what you want to say before writing multiple hundred pages and then having to potentially rewrite them. A trained professional guides you through the process, keeping you accountable with deadlines and routinely checking your work to make sure you don’t veer off course, and you can bounce ideas off of someone who is trained to help you make the best decisions for your book. Instant feedback on your pages means you can catch and fix plot holes and other issues early on.

What do I get with book coaching that I don’t get with editing?

Feedback on your pages in real time and accountability as you write

Editing is designed to be for after you have already written your manuscript, while coaching is for during.

✔️Accountability – Regular deadlines carefully designed not to overwhelm you, but also not to let you procrastinate.
✔️Real-Time Editorial Support – Professional feedback on your pages while you write, so you don’t have to consume all those craft classes and books anymore.
✔️Calls – Written feedback is useful, but can be misunderstood. Calls support the written feedback and help clarify anything that wasn’t clear.

Do I have to set the foundations for my book before beginning to write it?

I’m glad you asked, and I can’t recommend this enough!

Whether you decide to write on your own or with a book coach, I find doing the work to set the foundations for your book crucial to the process. Setting these foundations works as a preventative measure, nipping in the bud any potential issues that will arise as you write your book. For this reason, I have all writers who work with me to write their book through 1:1 Book Coaching fill out a mini Book Foundations Document to make sure they have this down.

I suggest you do the foundations work first if you haven’t already.

Check out BOOK FOUNDATIONS for more information about this

Is book coaching right for me?

✔️Are you serious about getting your story onto the page?
✔️Are you ready to challenge yourself and make the tough decisions that are involved in writing a great book?
✔️Do you want to write your book in the most efficient way?
✔️Are you willing to work hard and be open to honest feedback that may be hard to hear?
✔️Do you want the support of a professional as you write?
✔️Are you looking to avoid doing multiple revisions on your book after you write it?
✔️Do you want to stop spinning your wheels reading countless craft books or attending various courses on writing?
✔️Are you willing to give time to this process to save time later?

If you answered yes to the above, then you are ready for book coaching!

Who is book coaching NOT right for?

✔️If you are only looking for reassurance or confirmation and aren’t open to honest feedback that may be hard to hear
✔️If you’re only looking for copy editing or proofreading and you aren’t willing to put in the work or do a major overhaul if your story requires one

How long will it take to write my book?

The answer is, it depends…

Your results depend on the number of purchased deadlines and the state your project is in before starting. Writing a book is an incredibly complex undertaking and it will take you at least six months to write your first draft.

I have a book written and need to do revisions on it. Can I use book coaching for my book revision?

Yes, book coaching is designed to work for both writing your book and for revising it as well.

I am writing a nonfiction book. What are some things a book coach can help me with for nonfiction?

Many nonfiction writers are experts in their field and very knowledgeable about the topic they seek to write about, but they are new to writing books. And that’s okay! We all have to start somewhere. On top of accountability and real-time editorial support, a book coach can offer you industry-specific knowledge and guidance on how to write a strong nonfiction book that appeals to your readers. We can also help you save time and avoid the common mistakes nonfiction writers tend to make. Think of a book coach as your own personal tutor for writing a book that gets picked up by both agents and readers.

Common pitfalls nonfiction writers tend to fall into:

✔️Writing in circles
✔️Not knowing how to structure your book, what to include, or what to leave out
✔️Questioning your own authority or if you have anything worthwhile to say after all
✔️Trying to put everything you know in your book
✔️Attempting to appeal to all people (not speaking directly to your specific audience)
✔️Jumping in to write your book too early without getting the foundations down first so you’re left scrambling later
✔️The point of your book changes in the middle while you write, so you keep going back to revise constantly

As a book coach, I work with you to help you avoid making these mistakes. Stop writing in circles, questioning if you have anything worthwhile to say (you do!), and trying to put everything you know in your book; streamline what you want your book to teach your readers. I help you clarify your book’s big idea, find its hook, and help you get it out into the world—and everything in between.

What is Trello and how is it used in this service?

All 3 book coaching package levels use Trello to help manage our back-and-forth with the project. The package level you choose dictates how in-depth we go with accountability, resources, and project management. The Level 3 package is the most in-depth of all the packages, since it not only offers you editorial review of an unlimited number of pages, but also full unlimited VIP access to me through Trello. You get an extra level of accountability, craft resources, project management, and access to me that the other two levels don’t have.

Trello is a 5-in-1 in this case…

Trello is a useful project management tool that works for any type of project, workflow, or team. For this service, I have customized it to be used as a:

✔️Tracker – where I can mark your book’s progress and you can see how far along we are with writing your book and building its foundations
✔️Resource – where you can learn all the craft elements that go into writing a great book in real time as you apply them to your book
✔️️Checklist – where you can learn the steps involved in writing a great book and cross off each step once we complete them
✔️Guide & feedback hub – where we can easily upload documents to exchange pages and feedback
✔️Communication hub – where you can have full access to me between calls (if you chose Level 3) and reach me at any point along the way with any questions or concerns

As part of your book coaching package, you receive your very own private Trello workspace & board that only you and I have access to. Our initial call includes an in-depth walk-through of the Trello board where I show you how to use it, so don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with Trello yet!

See all 1:1 Book Coaching packages here.

What is Speech-To-Text Editing and how does it work?

Speak your book instead of typing written pages

I added the option of Speech-To-Text Editing to all my packages to make book writing and coaching more accessible to everyone who wants to write a book. My goal with these packages is to remove any barriers or blocks you have that prevent you from reaching your goals and dreams of writing a book now. When sending me your work, instead of typing up pages of your book draft, if you prefer, you can record a video or audio file and send that instead. This means you don’t have to type a single word. I convert the audio to written text, format it for you, and edit it as I would if you were sending me written pages.

This option works great if you:

✔️are a busy professional with limited time to spare for writing
✔️have ADHD, vision impairment, carpal tunnel, arthritis, injury, or any other challenge that makes it difficult to sit or stand and type at a computer
✔️tend to get eyestrain or headaches from staring at screens
✔️have young children and find it challenging to find time to sit down at a computer and type

Make sure the audio is clear when you are recording.

What is the difference between editing and book coaching?

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Let me know, and we can tailor a program for your specific needs


Book Coaching


Story Coaching

Let’s get your book out of your head and onto the page.
Work with me, and together, we will make your story come alive.

Do you have a great idea for a story or book but are struggling to bring it all together?
Do you tend to start many written projects but can’t seem to finish any of them?
Then story coaching might be what you’re looking for.

Developmental editing (better referred to as story coaching) exists to help you craft strong narratives and gain insight into how to go about piecing together all the elements that will make up your story—before you even finish your first draft, and in some cases, before you even begin writing.

Story coaches coach you through developing a strong plot, relatable characters, and a great story arc.

You can think of it as a preventative measure or jumping off point to prepare you for writing your first draft. If you have a great idea but are struggling to bring it together and need some outside input, then a developmental editor is the right choice for you.

Why Hire A Coach?

How do you write a book that sells?


Book Coaching

Check out all the books we helped put out into the world!


Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what our cherished clients and fellow writers have to say.

“I’ve consulted with Little Red Bird Publishing for my script writing and articles. Each time, Robin has delivered work that exceeds my expectations and transforms my work into the best version it can be. I owe many of my personal successes to Little Red Bird Publishing and the numerous perspectives offered and delivered here. I’ve been more than satisfied each time!”

Bob Kong

Bob Kong

Script & Screenplay Writer

Mary Cadman
Mary Cadman

“Working with Robin has given me renewed enthusiasm and confidence about my story that had been stuck in the doldrums for over a year. In just a few weeks she helped me identify and strengthen the foundations of the story, giving me the clarity I needed to progress to the next draft. I particularly valued her ability to ask the tough questions and provide feedback on my work in an incredibly thoughtful and compassionate way. I can totally recommend her.”

Bob Kong
Script & Screenplay Writer
Bob Kong

“I’ve consulted with Little Red Bird Publishing for my script writing and articles. Each time, Robin has delivered work that exceeds my expectations and transforms my work into the best version it can be. I owe many of my personal successes to Little Red Bird Publishing and the numerous perspectives offered and delivered here. I’ve been more than satisfied each time!”

Elizabeth Viscomi
Writer & Illustrator
Elizabeth Viscomi

“My session with Robin was a wonderful experience. She listened to my worries, helped me gauge which goal to focus on, and provided me with feedback and information in a coherent and supportive manner. Her enthusiasm and gentle demeanor gave me confidence to pursue a personal passionate creative project, and I look forward to her endeavors.”

Rebekah Heishman
Health & Life Coach | Tailored Keto Health | Author of My Tailored Journey
Rebekah Heishman

“I would recommend Little Red Bird Publishing to anyone in a heartbeat! There is no one else who I would trust to help me with the editing and publishing of my book. I have zero regrets, and I can look back at the whole process with good memories because she took the pressure I felt with certain tasks and made it an enjoyable thing! She has exceeded all of my expectations and is such a joy to work with. Somehow, Robin takes the tasks that I ask her to take care of and helps me to still be a part of it without it being stressful. That’s exactly what I wanted and needed more than I could even express. It’s very clear that her goal is to help you achieve the outcome you’re after. If you feel intimidated or overwhelmed, this is your girl. I have full confidence that she can do anything she puts her mind to and all of her work is praise-worthy.”

Laura West
Comedian & Motivational Speaker | LOL Ministry Production | Author of Out of the Darkness
Laura West

“Two years ago, writing a book and having it published was on my bucket list. But in all reality, I had no hope of seeing it come to fruition. Until I was introduced to Robin and Little Red Bird Publishing. That introduction changed our lives. I would so recommend Little Red Bird Publishing to everyone. Robin was kind, loving, patient, and an incredibly fast worker. In fact, she had our book published within a month — absolutely amazing! If you are like us and feel it’s just a dream to have your book edited and published, contact Robin today. We can testify that she can make your dreams come true.”

Brianna Wolfe
Writer | Author of My God Is So Big
Brianna Wolfe

“I recommend Little Red Bird publishing to anyone who wants to make their dream of writing a book come true. Robin makes the whole intimidating process of writing, editing, and publishing incredibly easy through a simple step by step process. One of the things I loved most about working with Robin was her organization throughout the whole process! The vision of my book that I had in mind turned out better than I could have imagined thanks to Robin and her patience and diligence. She is always ready to answer questions and has impeccable work ethic. My book was published within a month of sending it to her! It was a pleasure working with her, and I highly recommend Little Red Bird Publishing to any other writers out there!”

Attila Vágó
Writer | Tech Blogger | Author of It’s Cold, Ma, It’s Really Cold
Attila Vágó

“Publishing a book is daunting, and I was about to give up on my dream of turning my manuscript into a book. Then Robin saved me. I was able to sit back and let her take the lead. I really enjoyed her methodical, transparent approach to self-publishing. I knew exactly what stage we were at, at all times. Always very clear and prompt in communication and very much on time. She gave me a lot of confidence and guidance and, thanks to her, the book was published on time, as expected, without any hiccups. The smoothest collaboration ever. Hire her with confidence. She’ll get you published.”

Jason Hayes
Car Wash Sales Consultant & Leadership Trainer | Leadership Industries
Jason Hayes

“Working with Little Red Bird Publishing on my book proposal taught me a lot about my writing, specifically that I ‘don’t know what I don’t know’ and how my conversational style fits in the publishing marketplace. I was surprised at how much goes into writing a book proposal. Robin is so comprehensive—she broke down all the steps, took care of most of the heavy lifting, and managed the entire project so I wasn’t too overwhelmed at any point. There is no way I would have been able to tackle all this on my own. I highly recommend!”

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More Info – Our Services

Learn more about our offerings and how they can help you as a writer

I have an idea…

…and I would like to start planning my book

I have started writing…

…and I want guidance and accountability

I have a first draft…

…and I want to make it the best it can be

No matter where you are in the process of writing and publishing a book, we can help. Whether you’ve not yet written down a single word or you are already on your fifth draft, we work together to lay the groundwork for making your story the best it can be while attracting both agents and publishers as well as identifying who your ideal readership is.

What we currently offer

We currently offer services from outlining and writing to editing, querying, and publishing for both fiction and nonfiction writers (including memoir).

This isn’t just about coaching you through writing a book, although that is part of it. It’s about coaching you through the process of successfully publishing a quality book that sells and making it the best it can be – a book your readers will love and recommend to others.

We offer guidance through the entire process, from planning to pitching. Every step is deliberate and crucial to the development of a great book.

How our offerings work together

Designing a book that sells doesn’t start after you’ve already written the book. It starts at the beginning, during the planning phase. So, this is exactly where we start with our BOOK FOUNDATIONS package. We help you nail down the transformation your readers go through while reading your book (a crucial aspect of nonfiction), the transformation your main character goes through from the start of your novel to the end (a crucial aspect of fiction), or the transformation you go through (a crucial aspect of memoir).

We also help you make informed decisions on the right genre and structure for your book, among other story-level elements. Lay the foundations for a great book by getting down all the base elements that make up a story from the start.

Once you have your book’s foundations set, we take you through writing and revising your piece with 1:1 BOOK COACHING and EDITING to make it the best it can be. Finally, we guide you through writing your query letter (fiction) or book proposal (nonfiction) and help you build a strategy for querying (fiction) or pitching (nonfiction) with our PITCH & PUBLISH services, so you can get to where you want to be faster and with more confidence. We also offer FULL SERVICE SELF-PUBLISHING if you know you would like to self-publish your book.

We have set our systems up in this way to ensure you are given the full support you need for all parts of the process, from planning to publishing.

How we can help with querying & pitching

Having the support of a professional not only saves you valuable time you would spend researching how to successfully pitch to agents and publishers, but it also saves you the heartache that comes with unnecessary rejections – as we all know, rejections are expected when it comes to submitting your work in this way; but unnecessary rejections can be avoided if you put your best face forward and make your submission the best it can be. This means doing the work and knowing the current standards in the industry, which are both things a professional book coach can help you with.

Please note that BOOK FOUNDATIONS FULL, 1:1 BOOK COACHING, and FULL SERVICE SELF-PUBLISHING are designed to begin on the first of the month. Availability of these services varies, depending on workload, and if you purchase any of these services you will be scheduled in to start the service on the first of the following month. All other services can begin at any time during the month.

Once we fill up for the first of the following month, we will start slotting you in for future months. If we are all booked up, but you would still like a certain package, no worries! You can still contact us and we will slot you in for the future or put you on the waitlist for that package.

Please email us at if you have any questions.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up with updates!

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Boost your viewership and your sales with marketing tailored specifically to writers or more general copywriting services for any of your business needs.

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We take your manuscript from first draft to published book – guaranteed. When you just want to write and let someone else take care of the rest.

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