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Paths To Publishing Call ($49*)

Set yourself up for publishing success

*Should you wish to purchase a package with us, the $49 you pay for this call will be deducted from the total price of the package. For example, if you decide to move forward with BOOK FOUNDATIONS or one of our EDITING SERVICES, you will get the package for $49 less than the regular price.

What’s Included

What’s In the Package

Series of questions to determine where you are at with your writing

Series of questions to help you determine the best path forward for your book

We build out a clear, actionable roadmap for how to get from where you are to where you want to be

Insight into the publishing world and your best options + answers to any publishing-related questions you have

Written notes on everything we talked about in the meeting + your roadmap document

Tour through the Trello board for your service to (if applicable) to learn how to maximize it as a resource for your learning

Additional reading material or resources where needed about topics brought up in the meeting

*If you would like to use the entire call to have your questions answered, we can do that too

What You Gain

✅Clarity on how to proceed with your book and get from where you are to where you want to be
✅Personalized Project Roadmap Document that outline your goals and the next steps to get there
✅Clearer understanding of the publishing world and where your book would fit
✅Increased confidence in your book with better chances of it being picked up by an agent or publisher
✅Guidance from a certified book coach

Your Investment


*Free if you decide to purchase any package after the call

I have a book or idea

…and I would like an in-depth project roadmap and personalized plan on what steps to take from where it is now to where I want it to be

I would like clarity and direction

…on what is the best publishing path for my book and a clear path forward on how to make it a reality

I am interested in publishing

…my book or novel, and I am not sure whether traditional publishing or self-publishing is right for me

I would like insight

…into the publishing world and my best options, and I have some questions I would like answered

Still Not Sure Where To Start?
Read Our FAQ!

Get your questions answered

Who is the Paths to Publishing call for?

This call is for you if you…

✔️Are unsure which path would be best for your book
✔️Would like a personalized plan for your book that best suits your needs
✔️Have any writing- or publishing-related questions you would like answered on a call
✔️Are unsure whether you would like to go the traditional publishing or self-publishing route
✔️Would like a clearer understanding of the publishing world and where your book would fit
✔️Are looking to have the help and guidance of a book coach along your writing and publishing journey
✔️Would like current industry insight on book publishing
✔️Would like clarity on how to proceed with your book, from where you are to where you want it to be

What if I’ve already written my book?

We meet you where you are at

This call is works no matter what stage of the book writing and publishing process you’re at. Whether you have an idea for a book and you are looking to take the next steps to write it, or you’ve already written it and are looking to have an editor look over it. We take where you currently are and look at where you want to be, and then build a personalized roadmap for you to get there.

What if I already know I want to self-publish or traditional publish my book and I just have questions for how to go about it?

We personalize the call to fit your needs

If you would like to use the entire call to have your questions answered, we can do that.

If I purchase a package with you from the call, is what I paid for the call subtracted from that package?

Yes! If you decide to go with a package after the call, the call is free. Either way, you come out of the call with a clearer picture of how to go about reaching your publishing goals, so it’s a win-win!

How long is the call?

The call is scheduled to be 60-90 minutes, depending on the questions you have and the material we go through, and whether your call includes a tour through the Trello board for a service.

What is the tour through the Trello board?

If you are doing this call as part of a package, the call includes a tour through a Trello board that’s personalized to you, and is designed to be a resource for your learning as well as a way to have easy and unlimited access to me as we go through the package together. If you are interested in a specific package that Trello is a part of, I may demo the Trello board for you to better show you what exactly you will get from that package.

What is the current reality in the publishing industry?

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Let me know, and we can tailor a program for your specific needs


Book Coaching

Check out all the books we helped put out into the world!
Mary Cadman
Mary Cadman

“Working with Robin has given me renewed enthusiasm and confidence about my story that had been stuck in the doldrums for over a year. In just a few weeks she helped me identify and strengthen the foundations of the story, giving me the clarity I needed to progress to the next draft. I particularly valued her ability to ask the tough questions and provide feedback on my work in an incredibly thoughtful and compassionate way. I can totally recommend her.”

Bob Kong
Script & Screenplay Writer
Bob Kong

“I’ve consulted with Little Red Bird Publishing for my script writing and articles. Each time, Robin has delivered work that exceeds my expectations and transforms my work into the best version it can be. I owe many of my personal successes to Little Red Bird Publishing and the numerous perspectives offered and delivered here. I’ve been more than satisfied each time!”

Elizabeth Viscomi
Writer & Illustrator
Elizabeth Viscomi

“My session with Robin was a wonderful experience. She listened to my worries, helped me gauge which goal to focus on, and provided me with feedback and information in a coherent and supportive manner. Her enthusiasm and gentle demeanor gave me confidence to pursue a personal passionate creative project, and I look forward to her endeavors.”

Rebekah Heishman
Health & Life Coach | Tailored Keto Health | Author of My Tailored Journey
Rebekah Heishman

“I would recommend Little Red Bird Publishing to anyone in a heartbeat! There is no one else who I would trust to help me with the editing and publishing of my book. I have zero regrets, and I can look back at the whole process with good memories because she took the pressure I felt with certain tasks and made it an enjoyable thing! She has exceeded all of my expectations and is such a joy to work with. Somehow, Robin takes the tasks that I ask her to take care of and helps me to still be a part of it without it being stressful. That’s exactly what I wanted and needed more than I could even express. It’s very clear that her goal is to help you achieve the outcome you’re after. If you feel intimidated or overwhelmed, this is your girl. I have full confidence that she can do anything she puts her mind to and all of her work is praise-worthy.”

Laura West
Comedian & Motivational Speaker | LOL Ministry Production | Author of Out of the Darkness
Laura West

“Two years ago, writing a book and having it published was on my bucket list. But in all reality, I had no hope of seeing it come to fruition. Until I was introduced to Robin and Little Red Bird Publishing. That introduction changed our lives. I would so recommend Little Red Bird Publishing to everyone. Robin was kind, loving, patient, and an incredibly fast worker. In fact, she had our book published within a month — absolutely amazing! If you are like us and feel it’s just a dream to have your book edited and published, contact Robin today. We can testify that she can make your dreams come true.”

Brianna Wolfe
Writer | Author of My God Is So Big
Brianna Wolfe

“I recommend Little Red Bird publishing to anyone who wants to make their dream of writing a book come true. Robin makes the whole intimidating process of writing, editing, and publishing incredibly easy through a simple step by step process. One of the things I loved most about working with Robin was her organization throughout the whole process! The vision of my book that I had in mind turned out better than I could have imagined thanks to Robin and her patience and diligence. She is always ready to answer questions and has impeccable work ethic. My book was published within a month of sending it to her! It was a pleasure working with her, and I highly recommend Little Red Bird Publishing to any other writers out there!”

Attila Vágó
Writer | Tech Blogger | Author of It’s Cold, Ma, It’s Really Cold
Attila Vágó

“Publishing a book is daunting, and I was about to give up on my dream of turning my manuscript into a book. Then Robin saved me. I was able to sit back and let her take the lead. I really enjoyed her methodical, transparent approach to self-publishing. I knew exactly what stage we were at, at all times. Always very clear and prompt in communication and very much on time. She gave me a lot of confidence and guidance and, thanks to her, the book was published on time, as expected, without any hiccups. The smoothest collaboration ever. Hire her with confidence. She’ll get you published.”

Jason Hayes
Car Wash Sales Consultant & Leadership Trainer | Leadership Industries
Jason Hayes

“Working with Little Red Bird Publishing on my book proposal taught me a lot about my writing, specifically that I ‘don’t know what I don’t know’ and how my conversational style fits in the publishing marketplace. I was surprised at how much goes into writing a book proposal. Robin is so comprehensive—she broke down all the steps, took care of most of the heavy lifting, and managed the entire project so I wasn’t too overwhelmed at any point. There is no way I would have been able to tackle all this on my own. I highly recommend!”

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